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      Welcome to the Access 2000 Technical Support Center! This site has been designed for our customers who are having problems. We want to help you solve them online. We know that sometimes you would rather talk to someone on the phone, but it is harder to do things when you are not online. Lots of problems are solved while you are online because you can test things out to see if the solution works for you. We have provided LOTS of screen shots from Windows 95 Dial Up Settings, Internet Explorer 4.01 and 3.02, Outlook Express, Internet Mail and News. We do not support Netscape products. Currently we do not give tech support for Macintosh but we do provide screen shots for your dial up configuration. This site is GRAPHIC INTENSIVE so be prepared to wait a minute or two to let the screen shots download. Please feel free to browse through and see what we've done. You go to the different sections by clicking on the navigation bar above. Email us with your comments, suggestions, questions, or complaints.
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