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Windows 95 Dial-Up Networking: Older Version
Dial Up Networking is a simple little program that connects you to us. It is fairly easy to use and the settings are easy. If you use the same exact settings displayed below then you should have no trouble connecting to us. To get to your settings you must double-click "My Computer" which is located at the top left of the computer screen. Then you must double-click "Dial-Up Networking" which is a folder in there.

Now you will see icons. One will be "Make New Connection" and the other should be "Access 2000." To go to the properties of "Access 2000" you must right click once on the icon and then left click once on "Properties" in the menu.

This next screen has your dial up information. Click over to Server Types to see more. Then click on the TCP/IP Settings button to see the rest of your settings. Make sure that all your settings are the same as they are in the screen shots below!!

Also go to your Control Panel and double click the "Network" icon and you will see the screen below. Make sure that you have only Dial-Up Adapter and TCP/IP.

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