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Email Problems and Solutions
Here you'll find the answers to your questions quickly and easily. Errors associated with emailing are generally caused by misconfigured email utilities. However, there are times when either your local email server (, or the mail server of the email recipient (who you're sending mail to) are malfunctioning. In either situation, we've offered some answers to some often seen problems.

What's my Email Address?
Don't feel bad if you've forgotten or never understood what your email address is. You'd be surprised at how many don't know. Your email address is simply your username, followed by the "@" symbol and your service provider's domain. In other words, if your username is elcamino then your email address would be The Access 2000 domain is which goes on the end of your email.

Undeliverable Email Errors
This could be one of two problems. The most common being that you're trying to send email to a bad email address. Bad email address means either you've typed it incorrectly, it was given to you incorrectly, or the email recipient simply doesn't exist. Go back and check the spelling and the syntax of the email address. If you're positive you've typed it correctly, then it was either given to you wrong or it doesn't exist.

You could also get undeliverable email errors when the recipient's email server is not functioning properly. This means that you could have the email address typed correctly, but for some reason or another the remote email server is not accepting it. Try waiting a while and resubmitting the message. It's possible that it could go through the next time.

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