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Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02
Here we hope to give you help with some of the most common problems with Internet Explorer 3.02 which came with your Access 2000 software. This is the program you are probably using because we distribute it. To start up your web browser you just double click an icon on your desktop that looks like a globe and is called "The Internet." The "Connect to Access 2000" windows will come up. Enter your password and hit "Connnect" then you will dial up and the web browser will load. Even some of those who have browsing experience can run into trouble... especially with today's more advanced Web browsers. There are so many new features that it's sometimes hard to keep track of them all. So here are a few of the simple solutions. More complicated solutions can be solved by you personally tweaking your settings.

How do I go to Different Sites?
To go to a different web site, on your browsers toolbar, you should see a window marked "address:". This is where you enter the web address that you'd like to visit. Simply click once in this window (the contents will become highlighted) and type in a site (i.e. Once you've entered the site you wish to visit, press the "ENTER" key of your keyboard.

How do I Create Bookmarks
Bookmarks are used to "mark" a site that you'd like to revisit without having to remember that site's address. To "bookmark" a site, click on the "Favorites" button on your toolbar and select "add to favorites". You will then be presented with a window which has the name of the site listed there. If the name displayed is OK with you, choose "OK"... if not, type in a new name, one that will best help you to remember what that site is about, and click "OK".

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