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News Reader utilities can sometimes be confusing. Access 2000 supplies the user with Internet News from Microsoft. Given Microsoft's reputation for having some of the most intuitive interfaces, we don't expect there to be too many problems. However, if you do have a problem, this page is here to help you with know issues.

Can't Connect to the News Server?
This is usually due to one of three things. Number 1, The news server could be missing from the configuration of your news reader utility. To correct this, open your news reader, click on the "news" menu, choose "server", and check the "News server(s)" windows for a news server name. If our news server isn't listed, you will have to add it by clicking on the "add button" and entering "". If you do see our server listed, but it is spelled wrong, then you've just realized the second most common problem. To correct this, click once on the server which is mispelled and then click on the "properties" button. This will give you another screen to let you spell correctly that which is mispelled. Last of all, our server may be down for some reason or another. While we do our best to ensure that all systems are running, there may be a time when something uncontrollable happens. During those times, please be patient with us as we will correct the situation as quickly as possible.

In the "News server(s)" windows, be sure you have an entry for "" and that it is spelled correctly. If the entry doesn't exist, click on the "add" button and enter "" then click "OK". If the entry does exist, but is spelled wrong.... click once on the news server listed in the box and then click on properties. Another screen will appear which will allow you to change the spelling of the news server.

To Find Certain Newsgroups
You can accomplish this by clicking on the "Newsgroups" button on your news reader's toolbar. Once this is done, you will see the image which appears below. Simply type in the word which best represents the sort of group you're looking for. All groups which contain the text that you type will appear in the list.

Reading, Saving, and Posting News Articles
This is quite simple. Once you've found the newgroup of interest and have changed to that newsgroup, you will see a list of posted articles (if any exist). All messages which you have not already read will appear in bold test. Any which you have already read will not appear in bold. To read an unread message, or a read message for that matter, simply double-click on it and it will appear in a new window. This is usually the best way to read a message. Why??? Because it lessens the confusion when you decide to either reply to the author of that particular message or to reply to the posting itself.

If it ever says "Article Doesn't Exit" then don't worry, your system is working properly. This only means that the article you've selected has expired from our server and really doesn't exist anymore. To "clean up" the messages that show on your computer, click on "File", "Clean up Files", and then the "Delete Messages" button. Choose "YES" to confirm your choice.

To save a message you're reading or one you've read, it's easiest to double-click on the article you want to save. This opens it in a seperate window. Once you've done this, click on the "Diskette" button on the toolbar. This will prompt you for the directory in which you want to save the article.

To post a message of your own, first choose the group that you'd like to post to. Once you've done this, click on the "New Message" button on your toolbar. This will open a new window in which you can type in the subject of your posting and then the body of your message. After you finish typing your message, click on the "Post Message" button on your toolbar (button furthest to the left) to actually send the message to the news server.

To reply to a message you're reading or one you've read, it's easiest to double-click on the article you want to reply to. This opens it in a seperate window. Once you've done this, click on the "Reply to Sender" button on the toolbar (eigth button from the left). This will open another window which looks very much like your email window for sending email. Why?? Because it is. Replying to the author of a news article starts your email utility. So, to send the message, simply work as if you're writing and sending email.

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