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Microsoft Outlook Express
Outlook Express comes with Internet Explorer 4.01 and is very useful because it allows multiple email accounts if you have them. Below are some screen shots. There are ACTUAL SIZE so be prepared to wait a minute or two while they download. To open up Outlook Express just double click the Outlook Express icon which should be located on your desktop. The first screen might look like the one below.

Now click the "Read Mail" icon to go to your Inbox where you can send and receive email.

Now we need to check your settings. To do this click "Tools" at the top and then click "Accounts" which is in the list.

You are looking at the Accounts screen now. There may or may not be an account in there. To add one just click the "Add" button then click "Mail" and then follow the wizard step by step. It's fairly simple. You just input your information. Our incoming and outgoing mail server is and your POP3 or Account Name is the user name that you chose when you set up an account. It IS NOT your entire email address. You enter your email address as you normally would which might be for example - If there is an account already in there then just click "Properties" and the screen shot below will show you what MUST be in there. Remember that the names in the screen shot are just hypothetical. You enter your settings according to what you chose. When you are looking at this in your copy of Outlook Express you can click the tabs at the top to go to the different sections. Nothing will happen if you click on these screen shots.

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