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Outlook Express comes with a great News reader. Once you start up Outlook Express you will need to click on the "Read News" icon. Remember that you can't click on the icons below. You must do it in your copy of Outlook Express. The first time you click on "Read News" you might have to go through the setup wizard. If so, just input your settings such as your name and email address. The news server is It will then ask you to set up the newsgroups. Click "Yes" and let the program download the newsgroup names. This may take a while. Then you will see a list of thousands of newsgroups. Double click on a newsgroup to subscribe to it. To bring up the main newsgroup list just click the "Newgroups" button at the top. You should be looking at the screens like the ones below.

To read your news messages just double click on a subscribed newsgroup (you chose some from that long list) and you will see a screen like the one below. Just click on a message to read it.

Now if you just need to add our server to your list just click "Tool" at the top and then "Accounts" and then click "Add" to setup a news server. You'll see a screen like the one below after you go to "Accounts." Remember to click the "Add" button to go through the wizard. The news server is

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