Online Technical Support Center

Minimum Requirements for Acccess 2000
We provide web based technical support for the following Operating Systems and Software Packages:
  • Windows 95
  • Windows 3.11 - Windows for Workgroups
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.x and 4.x
  • Microsoft Internet Mail and News
  • Outlook Express
  • mIRC
  • PointCast
  • WS_FTP

We also require you to have the following hardware. These are the minimums.

  • 486 processor
  • 8 megs of ram
  • 30 megs of free space
  • 14400 bps modem

Also remember that you must have Windows 95 or Windows 3.11 - Windows for Workgroups.

We DO NOT officially support any Netscape products or the Macintosh Operating System. You can use these products but we DO NOT offer technical support for them. We can provide you with an account and the numbers to punch in then you can do the rest.

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