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Using Your Personal Web Space
For those of you who want to use your personal web space.... this section is for you. Here you will find information which will teach you how to manage and update your WEB files remotely.

Logging Into Your Account

To log into your account you need to have WS_FTP installed on your computer. Once you've done this, start the program. First click the New button on the left then enter whatever you like in the Profile Name. Enter "" in the Host Name/Address field. Enter your username in the User ID field and then your account password in the Password field. Click on the "OK" button. You will then be logged into your account, looking at one directory (www).

Your WWW Directory

Once you've logged into your directory, you will see one directory on the right side of the WS_FTP screen. You want to use "www" for your web pages. Simply double-click on the www directory to change to it. This is where your files are to be stored. You can create sub-directories from here using the "mkdir" button on the right side of WS_FTP (the right side is our computers, the left side is files and directories located on your computer). Such directories may be "images", a place to store all of your picture files.

Transferring Files

Now that you've changed to your www directory, you can begin transfering files both to and from your www account. To do this, on the receiving computer, change to the directory you want to copy a file to. On the sending computer, change to the directory and select a file that you wish to transfer. Be sure to place a check mark in the "auto" box. This ensures that files are transfered in their correct format. Finally, click one of the arrow buttons located in the middle of your screen. The arrow you should choose is the one which points to the computer receiving the file.

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