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Windows 3.11 - Shiva PPP Dialer
Windows 3.11: Windows for Workgroups is fairly easy to use with our software which includes the Shiva PPP Dialer and Microsoft Internet Explorer. During the installation, the dialer should detect your modem. If it doesn't detect your modem then you will have to contact your modem manufacturer. This is because of the quirks of Windows 3.x and the dialer. Usually if a Standard Modem is detected then you should be fine. To access the Shiva PPP Dialer you double-click the Access 2000 icon in your Internet Explorer group. To get to the Properties section just click the Properties button. Your screens should look like the ones below. The software configures everything so you shouldn't have any problems if you have a recognizable modem and Windows 3.11: Windows for Workgroups. Please see our minimum requirements page.

Below it has Com 2 selected. This may be Com 1, 2, 3, or 4 depending on your modem.

You will see this below after you are connected.

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